Logistics System

EBVAC logistics cold chain planning and monitoring

  • Establish complete and rigorous current management plans and transportation delivery process. In accordance to the principle of “View Product Quality as Important as Life”, EBVAC established a complete and rigorous cold chain logistics system; refrigerated storage, cryopreservation, cold chain transportation and temperature monitoring.
  • Use HTC RC-T200 temperature recorder for whole-process temperature monitoring.
  • Ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of the process from product production, storage, packaging and delivery to the customers.

Schematic Diagram of EBVAC Shipping Process

Schematic Diagram of EBVAC Internal and External Cold Chain Logistics Operation Flow

Use a different mode of cold chain transportation according to actual needs in order to realize whole-process monitoring of cold chain and ensure that customers receive the vaccines in a timely and effective manner.

The company’s internal refrigerated transportation- refrigerated van

  • For the refrigerated storage and low-temperature transport of vaccines, our company uses a refrigerated van to delivery goods.
  • Customers order goods and the company provides home delivery service by using refrigerated vehicles. This door-to-door mode helps to reduce the loss of vaccines in transit, effectively shorten the delivery time, facilitate temperature monitoring and ensure the effectiveness of vaccines.
  • EBVAC tries to turn every small order into large order. After being formed into a certain scale, it could benefit each link of the transportation process.