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Pharmaceutical plastic bottles

Specification 20ml、30ml、100ml、250ml
Quality Standards The appearance , weight, tightness and thickness should comply with relevant standards
Remark Should provide Registration Certificate of Drug Packaging Materials and Containers

Quality standard of Plastic(PE) bottle

[Material] Pharmaceutical high-density polyethylene bottles and low-density polyethylene bottles


Specification/size and weight 250ml high-density bottle 20ml high-density bottle 30ml low-density bottle 100ml low-density bottle 10ml high-density bottle
Inner diameter of the bottle 17.5±0.3mm 12.5±0.2mm 12.5±0.3mm 12.5±0.3mm 12.6±0.2mm
Outer diameter of the bottle 27.5±0.3mm 19.5±0.3mm 19.5±0.3mm 19.5±0.3mm 19.4±0.3mm
Thickness of the bottle edge 4.3±0.3mm 3.3±0.2mm 3.7±0.3mm 3.38±0.3mm 3.3±0.2mm
Diameter of the bottle 63±0.5mm 28.5±0.5mm 31.0±0.5mm 47.6±0.3mm 24±0.3mm
Height 129±0.5mm 60±0.3mm 67.5±0.5mm 95.5±0.3mm 48±0.4mm
Weight 38.5±0.5g 5.5±0.5g 6.7±0.3g 13.5±0.5g 3.7±0.4g

Take 20 samples of this product, conduct visual inspection in bright areas with natural light. It should have even and uniform color without obvious chromatic aberration. The surface should be even and smooth without deformation and obvious scratches. There should be no blisters, oil loss and air bubbles. The bottleneck should be even and smooth.
There should be no inflow or bubbling.
There should be no breakages or cracks.
[Water vapor permeability]
Weight loss should exceed 0.2%.
[Leachables test]
Should comply with the requirements.

[Ignited residues test]
Residues should not exceed 0.1%.

[Abnormal toxicity test]
Should comply with the requirements
[Steriling test] Negative
[Process Verification]
Should be smoothly used in the filling machine.

[Minimum packing volume inspection]
Take out 5 products, add quantitative liquids to bottles with different specifications, liquid level should be even.

Suppliers should provide inspection reports.

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