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Aluminum-plastic composite cap

Specification 28#
Quality Standards Quality standards
Remark Should provide Registration Certificate of Drug Packaging Materials and Containers

Quality standards of aluminum-plastic composite cap

[opening force]
  The maximum force required for riving the ZB-shaped pack film should comply with the standard. (The test standards of the manufacturer)

[Adaptation and strength after capping]
  In accordance with GB—51972-96, after being coupled with the bottle, the cap should be well fitted with the bottle without breakages or abnormal deformation.

1. The external packing should be complete and clean with explicit and correct identification.
2. The appearance of samples: take an appropriate number of bottle caps, and carry out visual inspection in bright areas with natural light, samples should be clean without residual lubricating agent, burr, breakages or injection trimmings, the color should be even, the aluminum-plastic parts should be fully combined with the aluminum parts.
3. Dimension:
Outer diameter of the aluminium cap: 28.5±0.1 mm
Inner diameter of the aluminium cap: 27.5±0.1 mm
Inner diameter of the aluminium cap: 27.5±0.1 mm
Weight: 1.3±0.1g

[Process verification]
1. Samples should be in accordance with the sealed reference samples and well fitted with the rubber plug and vaccine bottles. It should be smoothly used by capping machine.
2. The opening of aluminium parts should not be damaged after removing the plastic parts.
3. The plastic parts of samples should not be distorted or discolored after the sterilization process at 121℃ for 30minites.

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