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Ring-pull cap

Specification 20#
Quality Standards The appearance, opening force, adaptation and strength after capping should comply with relevant standards
Remark Should provide Registration Certificate of Drug Packaging Materials and Containers

Quality standards of ring-pull cap

[test items]
1. weight 0.59±0.1g
2. inner diameter 19.5±0.2mm
3. outer diameter 20.4±0.2mm
4. total height 7.6±0.2mm[color]
standard green, standard blue, standard red

[Appearance quality]
Caps should be clean without residual lubricating agent, burr, breakages, injection trimmings or plastic parts.

[Opening force]
The maximum force required for removing the plastic parts and riving the ZB-shaped pack film should comply with the standard. (The test standards of the manufacturer)

[Adaptation and strength after capping]
In accordance with GB—51972-96, after being coupled with the bottle, the cap should be well fitted with the bottle without breakages or abnormal deformation.

[Opening standard]
In the opening force test, the cap opening should not be damaged after removing the plastic parts.

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