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The company’s 1st Zhejiang Partner Technical Forum and “Yuanjingnuo (PCV type II)” Launch Conference was successfully held

With willows swaying in the wind and trees shading the street, the spring has come to Hangzhou. From April 13 to 14, the company held its first Zhejiang Partner Technical Forum and “Yuanjingnuo” Launch Conference. Famous industry experts, leaders of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau and Animal Disease Control Center, entrepreneurs of large ranch, technicians and dealersdistributors of EBVAC participated in the conference and celebrated the successful launch of Yuanjingnuo. During the conference, Professor Zhou Jiyong, the designer of porcine circovirus ZJ / C strains and Director of Animal Virology of the Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Zhejiang University, Researcher Wang Yicheng, Director of the Swine Disease Research Center of Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Professor Li Baochen, General Manager of the company delivered report to the participants.

General Manager Li introduced the growth and development history of the company from aspects of corporate culture, research and development strength, product quality and social responsibility. He pointed out that in the past few years the company adhered to the core values of “Innovation, Evolution and Quality”, enhanced independent R&D, cooperated with top-level scientific research institutions at home and abroad such as the University of Cambridge, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center and Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, CAAS, and has made significant achievements. It has not only successfully applied the patented technologies such as "antigen vitality stabilizer" and "NeB compound sustained-release water-based adjuvant", greatly improving the quality of products, but also constantly launched a number of high-quality products which have a huge market demand including “Yuanjingnuo” and “Diarrhea Interferon”. Manager Li further stressed that the conference not only was a launch event of a technical forum and “Yuanjingnuo”, but also signified that the company’s porcine vaccines had reached the forefront in the industry in terms of product variety, structure, quality, technical concept and standard, fully revealing the social responsibility of EBVAC being a link connected to research institutions and the front line of cultivation.

Professor Zhou Jiyong talked about “decade of grinding sword”- the R&D process of ZJ/C strain from 2002 to 2013. He also presented objective and detailed explanation and analysis of the characteristics of several strains of porcine circovirus vaccine in China at present. In terms of the “Golden Standard of Yuanjingnuo” (product inspection and control standard-one-time immunization can resist strong virus attack! piglet immune using standard-1 dose can provide efficient protection!), he gave analysis from three levels in a profundity and easy-to-understand way: first, ZJ/C strain can be well adapted to cell culture due to its viability and vitality, so that it has a higher fecundity with a titer of above 107.6TCID50/ml; second, the BPL inactivated agent adopted by EBVAC acts directly on the nucleic acid to protect the integrity of the antigenic structural protein and provides maximum guarantee to the immunogenicity of antigen; third, the “NeB compound sustained-release water-based adjuvant” of “Yuanjingnuo” different from other water or oil adjuvant in rapid onset and production of antibody, persistence and high immunity on the basis of double slow-release effects; the collection, overlying and combination of the above three factors make “Yuanjingnuo” the circovirus inactivated vaccine with the highest antigen content standard at present. Finally, he extended his sincere wishes that “Yuanjingnuo” circovirus vaccine (ZJ/c strain) would make important contribution to the development of the industry.

Researcher Wang Yicheng made a systematic analysis of the development tendency as well as the prevention and control measures of porcine diseases in Zhejiang in recent years by using a large number of informative, detailed and accurate data. He introduced and elaborated the above content from three aspects: from the perspective of virus diseases, he pointed out that, from January 2012 to date, 1957 cases of pathogen detection of epidemic materials from 147 pig farms in Zhejiang province showed that the top four diseases were blue-ear, porcine circovirus disease, pseudo-rabies and swine fever; at the same time, pseudo-rabies incidence showed a trend of rise in the past two years, as the pathogenesis could be virus mutation or enhanced virulence, there is a need for farms to adjust the immunization program. As for bacterial diseases, the top four pathogenic bacteria are haemophilus parasuis, streptococcus, swine erysipelas bacteria and salmonella. He emphasized on the need to pay close attention to the resistance of currently used antibiotics; findings and analysis of the mixed infection of mycoplasma hyorhinis in haemophilus parasuis provided new ideas and methods for the prevention and control of haemophilus parasuis in the future. Third, Wang Yicheng elaborated on the necessity and importance of laboratory testing. He believed that the immune effect assessment of regular etiological detection and antibody monitoring serve as the key reference and important guiding ideology for the prevention and control of porcine diseases in farms. It is a kind of work must be done by intensive, large-scale and small-scale pig farms. Wang stated that his team would cooperate with EBVAC to contribute to the development of pig industry in Zhejiang and the whole country.


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    EBVAC new featured product “Yuanjingnuo”- porcine circovirus type 2 inactivated vaccine (ZJ / C strain) has achieved the new veterinary drug registration certificates and veterinary approval number of Ministry of Agriculture and will be launched in the spring of 2013.

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    “Innovation, Evolution and Quality”, since its inception, EBVAC has been steadfastly working on independent innovation. In order to develop high-quality animal vaccine products, apart from establishing the first-class R&D Center within the industry (identified as Zhejiang high-tech R&D Center in 2009), the company has been actively looking for benchmark and gaps with its competitors, adopting innovative ideology from other outstanding enterprises and bringing in a large number of industry elites with innovation capacity. Through years of efforts, the company has created a number of products with intellectual property rights as well as innovations in processing.

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    From March 18 to 20, 2013, leaders of EBVAC R&D Center and technical managers of all departments participated in the 5th International Conference on Vaccine Antibody held in Hangzhou.

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    On 15th March 2013, delegation from Doumen District in Zhuhai City accompanied by relevant readers of Xiasha Economic and Technological Development Zone, visited our company for investigation. During the investigation, Manger Lv briefly introduced the positioning development, corporate culture and values, quality pursuit and market expansion of the company. The company management conducted in-depth discussions with the members of the delegation on issues such as biosafety control, declaration for new veterinary and application for government-funded projects.

  • •  The company was successively awarded New Veterinary Registration Certificates of three vaccines including the “porcine circovirus type 2 (ZJ / C strain) inactivated vaccine”.

    At the beginning of 2013, the company was successively awarded New Veterinary Registration Certificates of three vaccines including porcine circovirus type 2 (ZJ / C strain) inactivated vaccine developed in cooperation with the Key Laboratory of Virology of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zhejiang University; three types of new veterinary drug of duck infectious serositis bivalent inactivated vaccine (type 1 SG4strain+type 2 ZZY7strain) developed in cooperation with China Agricultural University; two types of new veterinary drug of duck hepatitis live vaccine developed in cooperation with Anhui Animal Science Institute of Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangsu Veterinary Research Institute of Academy of Agricultural Sciences and National Research Center of Veterinary Biologicals engineering and technology.

  • •  Always be alert

    -Record of EBVAC Safety Work Conference in the First Quarter of 2013