Training and Development

1. Employee Training

EBVAC regards employees as capital rather than resource of enterprise development. To ensure long-term maintenance and appreciation of values of human capital, our company pay attention to investment of all kinds of employee training

(1) to training more and better quality innovative talents, our company establishes EBVAC Innovation College to standardize and perfect the development of training system.

(2) implement “three-level” educational training system, formulate three-level training educational card for every employee, intensify and strengthen employee’s working skill and comprehensive quality three levels of company-level training, department-level training and team-level training.

(3) Our company implements internal and external training strategy, giving priority to internal training and supplemented by external training. Internal training mainly includes trainings like enterprise culture, rules and regulations, safety production, GMP process. External training mainly includes employee’s operation certificate, trade communication meeting and professional training organization.

2. Employee Development

EBVAC regards employee’s growth and development as the important responsibility of enterprise development. On the basis of promoting diversified and open professional development channel, our company especially builds a double-ladder professional development channel of company characteristics-management channel and technical channel, giving broader and freer options for employee’s development. Employee can chose professional development channel best suited him, according to his own actual situation and development goal of professional career.