Talent Concept

People-oriented, know people well and use people reasonably, conscientious, teamwork

People-oriented: Talented people are primary resource of enterprise. Starting point and foothold of every work in EBVAC: develop every worker’s ability; improve worker’s happiness maximally; let workers grow with enterprise together.
Know people well and use people reasonably: know and master features of every worker; under the condition of fully respecting his willing, put the right person at the right position; achieve to use talented people; fully develop his talents; provide broad growing space for worker.
Conscientious: EBVAC requires that every worker has high responsibility for his work. Do what one says at any time; make no mistakes at any time; always be more active and initiative than people around you.
Teamwork: Water becomes magnificent only when converging into the sea; soil becomes marvelous only when accumulating into a high mountain. EBVAC pay attention to workers’ teamwork spirit and require that they achieve “I will take charge of the work which no one in charge of; I will obey if someone is in charge of it” in work.