Social Responsibility

       EBVAC has respectively established EBVAC “Little Nobel” Innovation Award in Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, CAAS, Zhejiang University, Nanjing Agricultural University and Yangzhou University since 2011. This award was specifically designed for rewarding the students who achieved outstanding achievements in the scientific and technical innovation of animal vaccine industry. Its significance is not only to provide excellent products and qualified services to the society, but also to encourage research and make EBVAC’s efforts to contribute to the future of the industry through the intelligence of winners.

诺倍威“小诺贝尔”创新奖奖杯 诺倍威“小诺贝尔”创新奖在哈兽研颁奖 诺倍威“小诺贝尔”创新奖在扬州大学颁奖 诺倍威“小诺贝尔”创新奖在南京农业大学颁奖 诺倍威“小诺贝尔”创新奖在浙江大学颁奖