• Full view of the new factory
  • Animal isolator
  • The clean corridor of freeze-dried vaccine workshop
  • Air conditioning unit in finished production workshop
  • Incubator

Introduction to Zhejiang Ceva Ebvac Biotech Co., Ltd.

Established in April 2005, Zhejiang Ceva Ebvac Biotech Co., Ltd. (previous Zhejiang Ebvac Biotech Co., Ltd.) is located at No. 401, 23rd Street, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area, which was formerly known as Zhejiang Yibang Biotech Co., Ltd. It specializes in R&D, production, sales and technical services of animal vaccines and diagnostic reagents. Ceva Ebvac is a high-tech enterprise supported by the central government.

“International vision, local practice”! In the future development, Ceva Ebvac will promote the industrial upgrading driven by innovation, help with the construction of National bio-safety risk prevention and control system and secure the development of animal husbandry in China!

Together, beyond animal health!