About the Brand


A promise is weightier than one thousand bars of gold, all for the better delivery of value!


Evolving for Better Vaccine

「Logo Interpretation」

The company logo is a green biological shield full of smartness and wit, revealing a sense of passion within the harmonious theme. The core of biological shield is a picture of double-stranded DNA replication.
Green biological shield: Stands for EBVAC’s care and protection for life as well as the glow of vitality of the brand. Biological shield symbolizes vitality and spirit! Biological shield represents the essence of DNA! Biological shield manifests the immortal mission of EBVAC!
Picture of double-stranded DNA replication: Double-Stranded Complementary DNA signifies that EBVAC develops on the basis of its intimate relationship with employees, customers and shareholders to extend the value chain; the picture of replication stands for the heritage EBVAC’s core values and the constant evolution process of enterprise vitality along with innovation and development.
Silver grey EB and green VAC: Represents EBVAC’s accumulation of driving energy, the containing of development potentials and the capacity of value of life.