R & D Center

Management Model

I) Project manager system

When conducting R&D project management, our company carries out project manager system. As product development manager selected by company, project manager is mainly in charge of the actual work of product R&D and the organization and dissolution of project R&D team; in charge of conducting task and reward distribution for R&D team members of his project; in charge of data reduction, collection and report; in charge of undertaking project delay, regulation and termination application; in charge of specific use of project fund.

II) Information-based management

PLM(Product Lifecycle Management )is a series of application solutions supporting information establishment, management, distribution and application of product full lifecycle within the enterprise and even among enterprises which have cooperative relationship in product R&D field. It can integrate human resource, process, application system and information related to products. To promote company’s R&D management level, we introduce innovation management platform (PLM) and achieve information-based R&D project management.