Logo Interpretation:The Logo of CAMBIVAC R&D Center uses gold and red as the main colors, which signify the Sino-British joint venture and in-depth cooperation; the golden shield symbolizes that the company complies with the highest standard of biological safety-golden standard; the golden lion on the right signifies that the joint-ventured R&D Center owns royal background; the snack and scepter on the left symbolize the veterinary biological products as the main R & D content.

Since 2009, EBVAC funded to carry out in-depth cooperation with the University of Cambridge and established Sino-British (Cambridge) CAMBIVAC Biotechnology Research and Development Center in Cambridge Bio-industrial Park. The center owns the world leading R&D sites and test equipment, such as flow cytometry analysis, epitope simulation and microinjection operation equipment. It has also conducted close cooperation with the British National Animal Experiment R & D Center, the Europe’s largest animal experiment center and the only center which owns the highest bio-safety level (P4) in the UK. In terms of personnel, the center has introduced a number of high-tech and high-level elites and brought the world’s cutting-edge technology to China’s veterinary vaccine industry. CAMBIVAC experts will pay annual visit to EVBAC to train scientific and technical personnel in the company from time to time, gradually improving EBVAC’s overall capability of R&D to a world advanced level. Meanwhile, EBVAC also sends talents to the UK every year for exchange study, thus broadening the international perspectives of technicians, enhancing their scientific and technological quality, improving their R&D ability and preparing for the future of EBVAC.

From 2009 to date, CAMBIVAC Biotechnology Research and Development Center has provided a large number of latest scientific research technologies and R&D achievements to Zhejiang EBVAC Biotech Co., Ltd., greatly improving the efficiency and quality of EBVAC’s production, research and development accompanied by the introduction of the latest world leading production manufacturing process and internationalized production and research management ideology. EBVAC applies the world leading technologies and ideology it has learned to the vaccine production in China and continues to benefit the domestic livestock farmers and promote the international development of the domestic veterinary vaccines.


  • Dr. Brown

    1. R&D Consultant of Sino-British (Cambridge) CAMBIVAC Biotechnology Research and Development Center;
    2. Senior Lecturer of the Department of Pathology, School of Life Sciences University of Cambridge;
    3. Main research areas: cell biology, viruology, pathology and molecular biology
    4. Has published a number of articles in international key academic journals
    5. Owns a high reputation in the animal virus research and development community;
  • Dr. Mockett

    1. Deputy Director and Chief Scientist of Sino-British (Cambridge) CAMBIVAC Biotechnology Research and Development Center;
    2. Doctor of the University of Liverpool;
    3. Veterinary Researcher of British Animal Protection Association;
    4. Member of the British Veterinary Poultry Disease Association
    5. Member of British Institute of Biomedical;
    6. Royal Institution Chartered Biologist;
    7. Researcher of Cambridge Laboratory;
  • Dr. Nokaite served as the Supervisor of Intervet (United States, Netherlands, and United Kingdom) Research Department, Director of BJM and Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist of Elsworth and is currently the Deputy Director and Chief Scientist of Sino-British (Cambridge) CAMBIVAC Biotechnology Research and Development Center. Dr. Nokaite has significant academic achievements in poultry vaccines and animal vaccines. He is a reputable specialist in poultry vaccines. He was one of the discoverers and researchers of avian infectious bronchitis (4/91 strain) as well as the namer of this strain. He has published more than 40 academic articles in well-known international journals, edited and co-authored a number of scholarly books and has applied for and owned a number of veterinary drug R & D patents.

  • Dr. Li Baochen

    1. General Manager of Zhejiang EBVAC Biotech Co., Ltd.;
    2. General Manager of Sino-British (Cambridge) CAMBIVAC Biotechnology Research and Development Center;
    3. Doctorate in veterinary;
    4. Committee Member of “Veterinary Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China”, 2005 Edition;
    5. Director of Chinese Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Biological Products Branch;
    6. Published a number of essays in China’s key veterinary professional journals;
    7. Participated in writing the monograph “Avian Disease Control and Diagnosis Atlas”;
    8. Famous Chinese specialist in animal husbandry and veterinary;
    9. Famous Chinese specialist in animal husbandry and veterinary biological product industry
  • Dr. G • Austin

    1. Marketing Director of Sino-British (Cambridge) CAMBIVAC Biotechnology Research and Development Center;
    2. MBA in School of Economics, University of London
    3. More than ten years of international veterinary pharmaceutical marketing experience;
    4. Participated in the market development projects of a number of large international enterprises;
  • Dr. Zhang Yongzhi

    1. Graduated from Yangzhou University with a major in Veterinary Science;
    2. 6-year working experience, so far, has worked for EBVAC for 5 years, has engaged in R&D and technical service work.
    3. Mainly responsible for the freeze-dried vaccine production technology research and development, R&D and production management of antigen vitality stabilizer, also serves as the Manager of the Freeze-dried Vaccine New Technology Department, EBVAC R&D Center.